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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the gunman has been found dead now more than 100 miles away. family members are talking about weeks leading up to that tragedy. cell phone captured the dramatic scene of flames shooting out of this apartment. tonight the heroic actions of a 13-year-old girl who saved her family. interesting comments today from maryland's governor in the race for the white house. he is disgusted by what's happening in national politics. we're now only two hours away from the first returns in tonight's presidential primaries. the big prize, of course, is michigan. that's where donald trump and hillary clinton have leads in the polls. >> democrats and republicans are voting in michigan and mississippi. idaho and hawaii races are republican only. our hansteve handelsman joins u. >> reporter: breaking news. a new nbc/wall street journal poll on the republican
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shows its grown a lot tighter. here's a look at the numbers. donald trump now at 30. he's up four since last month. ted cruz 27, down one. john kasich, 22, he doubled his support in just few weeks. marco rubio fourth at 20. 30 to 20 is a much tighter race. can the republican front-runner trump, can the democratic front-runner hillary clinton be stopped today? apparently not. >> thank you for letting me come by. >> reporter: she campaigned in michigan where hillary clinton has a 21 point lead. >> i believe she's the right person to lead this country. >> i feel she's honest. >> reporter: losing michigan with its joins and racial diversity could crush bernie sanders. he's trailing badly in delegates. >> we see a road to victory
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today in mississippi, idaho and hawaii. but republican john kasich is focused on michigan. >> i don't know where but i think we'll do well and win ohio. >> reporter: marco rubio is struggling. >> what we hear from people all over the country is please don't let donald trump be our nominee. >> reporter: trump won't be claims ted cruz who is close in the delegate count inner loop if you don't want to see hillary clinton as president which is the result of donald trump being the nominee come join us, let us stand together. >> raise your hand. >> reporter: trump said today he might stop asking support towers raise their hands after critics said the gesture is liking nazi salute. >> if it's offensive, anything wrong with it i wouldn't do it. when i say raise your hand everybody is raising their hand. >> reporter: trump led in pre-vote polling in michigan and mississippi. today is a big showdown a week from today florida and ohio can
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steve handelsman. >> now the war of words in the race for the white house. larry hogan was asked if he would support donald trump for the republican nomination. his reaction was surprising to some. our chris gordon joins us now. he's in annapolis. chris? >> reporter: jim, maryland's primary is coming up next month april 26th, but the governor says he's in no hurry to reveal his choice. he was asked to endorse a gop presidential candidate. >> i think we're at least eight months away from the election. quite frankly i'm disgusted with national politics in both parties, democrats and republicans not paying much attention. >> reporter: republican hogan was elected governor in maryland where democrats outnumber republicans two to one. hogan was endorsed by new jersey governor chris christie. hogan in turn then threw his support behind
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presidential campaign. when chris christie with drew he endorsed dulles toll road. but today when governor hogan was asked if he would support donald trump if he's the republican nominee hogan was noncommittal. >> i don't know who the republican nominee will be or the democratic nominee. way too early who i will support. >> reporter: i asked these college students about governor hogan's comments that he's disgusted by national politics. >> looks like it's a show. i'm thinking that maybe that's what he's talking about. >> are you disgusted with presidential politics that point? >> i'm not necessarily disgusted, but i'm not as interested as i was in the past. >> why is that? >> at this point i feel it's more for entertainment. >> the debates have been horrible. they are not talking about what needs to be talked about. they are focusing on talking about each
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>> reporter: she says she would like the candidates in both parties to focus more on the issues. that's the latest live tonight from annapolis. back to you. a local mother is raising concerns tonight about the effect donald trump's rhetoric is having on school children. in a facebook post the mother of a fairfax county third grader reports that her son's teacher told her two of his classmates singled out her child as someone who would be deported if trump becomes president. that post has since been taken down or blocked from public view. fairfax county public schools released a statement confirming the incident. the teacher has spoken with the students and communicated with parents of the class regarding appropriate classroom decorum. the statement goes on the concerned parent is satisfied by the response of the teacher and the fcps. we asked you to weigh in on this republican race right now and tell us who will do best in
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the results suggest that the majority feel that trump will probably do best. ted cruz in second there. to stay on top of the results of tonight's primaries, we invite you to download the nbc washington app. we'll have live results and we'll send out breaking news alerts when important races are being called. now to the breaking news in the murder of two women in maryland. they were found dead this morning. police tell us they know who did it but he's dead too. the women were sisters shot and killed in an apartment in cheverly overnight hours later the suspect was also discovered dead in hanover county, virginia. the victim's family said they knew there was trouble brewing, megan fitzgerald joins us live now to explain. >> reporter: the mother of tarekka jones says her daughter ended a romantic relationship with the suspect kevin reynolds but said he wouldn't move on. other family members said he was physically abusive. police say it was last night inside that top
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behind me that reynolds pulled the trigger. >> she's a harmless person. she wouldn't hurt nobody. >> reporter: she was 22-year-old jalisa walls-harris. her family said she was always smiling and loved to sing. she often posted songs on instagram. ♪ but on monday night her aunt says jalisa walls-harris went to the cheverly station apartment to visit her half sister, tarekka jones. prince george's county police said around 10:30, 30-year-old kevin reynolds went to the apartment and shot the sisters. tarekka jones mother returned to the scene one more time. she remembered her daughter. she said her daughter's three young children were inside and the 5-year-old witnessed the murder. the f
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jones was a victim of domestic violence in her relationship with reynolds but said they would never have imagined her life and jalisa walls-harris ending the way did it. >> i just saw her two days ago, on saturday night. and her last words was i love you. >> reporter: now reynolds has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2003. just last month there was a warrant for his arrest for assault and armed robbery. then in 2015 he was convicted for burglary and in 2006 he pled guilty to assault. as for tarekka jones children her mother tells us they were not physically harmed. they are doing okay and they are with her. back to you. >> thanks. police have arrest ad man who they say admitted to stabbing his girlfriend in prince george's county. the man's name is santos. she was killed at the -- at the overland hill
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yesterday. a second woman was also stabbed but survived. daniel weste is the man who now has been charged with murder and attempted murder. there's a new bill that would help victims of domestic abuse. it was discussed in annapolis today. the measure would broaden, what qualifies as domestic violence. harassmen and malicious destruction to property would be added to the definition. the bill would incrse the reasons for grantsing protective orders. >> we need every tool possible to hold people responsible and toed indicate our citizenry what they are looking at when they see these cases. >> prince george's county has a special unit that responds to domestic violence crimes. they also have a list of resources online where anyone can find 24 hour help for themselves or someone they love.
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on our nbc washington app. all new at 6:00 tonight local government officials trying to crack down on thieves who want to steal your identity this tax season. d.c.'s tax office says it has flagged 25,000 fake returns since last year. news4 tom sherwood explains how you can help fight fraud this year. >> reporter: if he anacostia library the aarp is offering free tax help to hundreds of people of all ages, security is a priority. >> the computers are quite secure. we don't let anybody snoop over anybody's shoirlsd. >> i've been a victim of identity theft for three tax years. >> reporter: he says the aarp, city and irs work to sort it all out. >> that sounds like a mess. >> yeah, it was. it was. pretty bad. >> it's a nationwide problem. identity theft.
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maryland and virginia are all trying to curb identity theft and tax fraud. d.c. last year flagged 25,000 fake returns and saved the city about $36 million watching for fake returns from around the world. >> to catch those people that maybe are in russia, sitting in the basement with a stolen file from some department store. >> reporter: both the cfo and victims have the same advice to tax filers. >> it's one of those things that you just have to stay on top of. i know, no one wants to think of it but it can happen at any given time. >> reporter: tax season is one of the worst times. tom sherwood, news4. a commuter train derailed and plunged into the creek. tonight we hear from the passengers that caulk about the chaos that
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>> reporter: we now know the name of the woman that was killed at this bus stop. we talked to her family. they have a message for the killer coming up. news4. i'm jackie bensen in lanham. we introduce to a 13-year-old girl who was getting ready to school when she had to pull her siblings out of a fire. >> it's always exciting when we hit our first 80 degree day of the year. we almost did today. now forecasting record warmth for the next two days. will it took as pretty? i'll take you hour by
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new details are emerging tonight after a commuter train car derailed and left several people fighting for their lives in california's bay area. there's a mudslide that's being blamed for the accident that left actually two of the rail cars submerged in a creek. it happened yesterday as that train made its final run for the night from stockton to san jose. >> reporter: it's being called an absolute miracle no one was killed. >> shifted the gravity all of a sudden and we were all just panic. >> reporter: a four car commuter train derailed monday night with 214 people on board. the lead car slid down a steep
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swollen creek. passengers describe a harrowing chaotic scene. >> slid for quite a while. wasn't sure we would turn over or not. as soon as i knew we were stable started listening for the screams. people were crying for help. >> reporter: authorities say the train of traveling from san jose to stockton when it struck a tree lying on the tracks sending the lead car into the water. rescuers battled the fast-moving current to pull victims to safety. >> the front much it was sub merged. definitely water coming in. it was down in the water itself. >> reporter: one woman had to be rescued from the mud. she was trapped beneath a second derailed car. >> under the mudslide. we were trying to dig her out. >> reporter: authorities believe mudslide pushed the tree on the tracks causing the incident. passengers say rain was coming down hard just moments beforehand part of a series of thunderstorms that inundated
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days. now some scary seconds for a reporter who was covering that train derailment out in california. the man and his photographer were almost hit by a car on live tv. watch this. >> reporter: obviously chaotic. >> whoa. that was scary. the guy's name is alex savich. he works for ktvu. he was reporting on the side of the road when a car crashed and came speeding towards him. he credits his cameraman for telling him to get out of the way. they hugged it out. he's still shaken as you imagine he would be. >> i say. close call. tonight we're hearing from the family of a woman who was gunned down waiting for a bus in the district. it appears to have bean drive by shooting but the woman who died was not the intended
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scene along naylor road in southeast d.c. with the latest. pat? >> reporter: police are out now. they are passing out wanted posters in the murder case of ivy smith. she was shot and killed here sunday. she just want ad bus ride home. but it cost her her life. >> anybody who came in contact with her, fell in love with her. >> reporter: that's latisha carter. her aunt was gunned down. ivy smith was 39 years old. a graduate of dunbar high school. the mother of a 16-year-old son. he brought flowers to the scene this morning. it's been a devastating loss for miss schmidt's family. >> she was a hard-working caring loving mother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. >> reporter: it happened on a sunday afternoon. a sunday afternoon. witnesses say a minivan came down nayl
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on the other side of the bus stop. a short time later it makes a quick u-turn. then that minivan comes back along the curb side of the bus stop. there's a barrage of gunfire. two men shot and wounded. ivy smith shot and killed. the cops believe one of the guys at the bus stop may have been targeted. but it was ivy smith who died. her family says she was just assisting here with a couple bags of food that she just wanted a bus ride home. now this message for her murderer. >> if you have a chance to talk to the person responsible for this what would you say? >> that was your action for the day? i'm sorry that's the decision you made which was to take my aunt's life. anybody else could have been hurt that was standing near. my aunt is the one to fall stroim your victim to your sanity.
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from a church in prince george's county. it's unclear who took the minivan and who was behind the wheel at the time of the drive by shooting. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. president obama will not attend the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan. but michele obama will thereabout. mr. obama will be in texas friday to deliver the keynote address at the south by southwest conference in austin. today mrs. obama praised the mentoring she received from the former first lady. >> she warmly and willingly offered advice and encouragement to me as i settled in, into my role as first lady. and i am so grateful for her kindness and generosity to me and my family over the years that i hope that our continued work to educate girls worldwide is a fitting tribute to her legacy. >> mrs. reagan
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repose tomorrow and thursday at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. her funeral on friday morning is by invitation only. nancy reagan died on sunday at the age of 94. a familiar name is at the center of a battle over the vacancy on virginia's state supreme court. senate panel has endorsed ken cuccinelli the former state attorney general who lost the race for governor to terry mcauliffe. lawmakers have been unable to come up with enough votes to come up with a nominee. when we come back on "news 4 at 6:00" a tourist target at a local mall. tonight police for cussing on security as they valley new information about the young boy who was scammed during a school trip. a late night verdict in this courthouse finally brings peace to t
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who beat the odds three times only to be murdered on the most trivial thing. a warning for people who love those carbs. we'll tell you what rearcherses
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my oh, my
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i don't know what else to say. >> i know. i pulled into the parking lot and saw van had his top down. i bet you couldn't pull off to the side of the road for a minute. >> i didn't want to come in here. i wanted to keep going. >> it was stunning. that's for sure. certainly the main topic of conversation for so many people. spring, yeah, it sprung all right. there's no question about that. we went from march like conditions right into may, late may. just slamming our temperatures. we didn't hit 80 degrees. last year it took us a while to warm up. our first 80 degree day last year was app 13. remember march 5th last year still snow. this year we'll see a lot of temperatures running above average for march. march 13th, some of the other early days with 80 degrees. back in 2012. march 8th, back in 2000 as well. now it's part of our headlines
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that we're forecasting for tomorrow. we could see a little rain coming our ways. maybe this weekend and early part of next week. 7:00 we drop to 71 degrees. mid-60s by 9:00. maybe you have some errands to run or walk the dog. part of the reason, our weather pattern. we got the jet stream now building way high. we got this warm front yesterday with way over here. now it's way up there over areas of new york and warm air surging right behind it. we start out pretty mild tomorrow morning at the bus stop. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., 52 your temperature. early in the day. then hit a temperature of 80 tomorrow afternoon. yes. hit 80 tomorrow. in fact 82 right down i-95 around even areas like alexandria, quantico, stafford. 82 for a high temperature tomorrow. warrenton, sudley, culpeper, 81 to 82 tomorrow. that's with sunshine across e
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still high pressure controlling our weather. we'll have a little bit in the way of some change coming up at the end of the work week but you'll notice that warmth with more 80 degree temperatures for tomorrow. here's a hook at friday. early morning clouds. they clear out. that's the weather front coming through and our temperatures will come down a bit on friday. two days there running at 80 degrees or higher with a lot of sunshine. the front comes through on friday. maybe a sprinkle, that's about it. it gets breezy. then this upcoming weekend we're talking about temperatures in the 60s, much cooler. still from that same weather front. i want stalled near the area. could have an isolated shower coming our way on saturday as well as on sunday. remember we lose that hour of sleep as we spring forward. we'll talk more about daylight savings time what that means for us and some other things we need to do and think about as we move forward with this mild pattern around. >> i love it. coming up we'll tell you what a local 13-year-old girl credits with saving her
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race through their apartment. i'm julie carey at pentagon city mall where arlington police are hoping to track down the guy who twrikd a student for his d.c. field trip into trading cash for a fake $100 bill. coming up what other school groups are doing keep their kids safe. signs of progress for a
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>> a teenager from california will be heading home from his d.c. school field trip with quite a story to tell. designee lost nearly $100 after he was scammed at the pentagon city food court. bureau chief julie carey joins us live from the mall to tell us how this all went down. >> reporter: you can tell from the tour buses lined up the pentagon food mall a popular dinner spot for students visiting. but last night a 14-year-old found himself facing a gun out here after he confront ad man who tricked him out of his money. easy to spot in their brightly colored matching shirts teenagers visiting the d.c. area for school field trips can be an easy mark. monday night a 14-year-old in town from san bruno, cal was in
6:32 pm
court when he was approached by a man who could change $100. he had $97 and the suspect gave him a fraudulent bill. >> reporter: the boy learned quickly it was fake. he spotted the man and asked him for his money back. the man led him out here. >> at that point the suspect did lift up his shirt and showed what appeared to be a firearm in his waist band and told the victim to leave him alone. >> that's scary. >> reporter: something that's unlikely to happen to this group of eighth graders. >> they don't leave our side. >> reporter: most of the students money safe guarded by adults. >> we have all their money for their meals. every meal given $10 for every meal. then the change. >> reporter: back at the mall arlington police maintaining a constant presence, special unit
6:33 pm
plain-clothes officer that was deployed here at christmas stayed on site. >> at this point it's something we're continuously doing to work with our partners. >> reporter: now for that 14-year-old boy from california some very hard lessons learned on this field trip. in the end he did the smart thing by calling police and hopefully now all of these other students will be on alert. back to you. all right. julie, thank you. a prince william county police officer shot on the job is back home tonight. the police department released this picture today it shoes officer jesse hempen surrounded by loved ones as he left the accident last week. officer david mckeown was also shot and still recovering. officer ashley guindon was killed in that same shooting. the upcoming marine corps 17 kilometer race will be dedicated to ashley guindon.
6:34 pm
becoming an officer. prince william county police said all three officers were wearing bullet resistant vests. ashley guindon died of wounds to her arm and torso. the vest probably wouldn't have stopped a bullet from the rifle that was used in the shooting anyway. army staff sergeant rodney hamilton is facing a slew of charges including murder and accused of killing his wife. big win for the prosecution in the freddie gray case up in baltimore. that decision has an impact on all six of the baltimore officers who are charged in gray's death. today maryland's court of appeals ruled that william porter who was the first officer to stand trial, he can be kw compelled to testify against his colleagues. the fifth trial in that case was scheduled to begin tomorrow, but it will be rescheduled now.
6:35 pm
hung jury back in december. his retrial is schedule in june. gray's death in police custody parked days of unrest, rioting in baltimore and garnered national attention back in april. flames were billowing from the windows of this apartment building in prince george's county this morning. it's the kind of fire that could have been deadly but a 13-year-old girl with a good head on her shoulders knew exactly what to do when the fire started. news4 jackie bensen is live in lanham with a look at where the girl learned about fire safety. >> reporter: firefighters love to teach fire safety in schools because they know it could save a life some day and this morning it just might have. the flames shot from windows and left terrified people trapped on upper floors where they had to be rescued by firefighters. >> he came running towards my room saying, diana, my room is on fire. >> reporter: in
6:36 pm
13-year-old diana hernandez was watching her younger brother and sister while her mother took another sibling to the bus stop. she said she was scared but remembered what she learned in elementary school. >> always stay down on the ground if there's a lot of smoke on top, and always make sure you're not breathing that air. >> it's the corner stone of our public education efforts. >> reporter: that diana remembered what she was taught and kted upon it was music to the ears of this man. >> she got out of the apartment and called 911 and stated she learned that in school during a firefighter visit. >> reporter: and he credits the residents who went door-to-door banging on the doors trying to get people out this morning. about a dozen apartments are not able to be occupied. a dozen families out of their homes. a lot of them have lost a lot of their possessions. but no injuries and that's a good thing. live in lanham,
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news4. back to you. skill ahead tonight a great ending as a small plane fell from the sky a few feet from the building. >> the new link between carbs and cance wer.'l
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a father and his daughter say a parachute helped save their lives when their plane literally fell out of the sky. the plane bounced when it hit the ground. it happened up in long island. you can see it nearly hit a building there. then watch the parachute come down after it. the father was piloting the plane. he said the engine died. he actually walked away with a scratch on his forehead. his daughter was not injured at all. new questions tonight about the death of a fairfax teenager.
6:40 pm
her death was ruled a suicide from an overdose on bactine. but her parents believe she was sexually assaulted and murdered and now got the attention of senator chuck grassley the republican from iowa chairs the senate judiciary committee. he's demanding answers from investigators. >> we're prepared to be respond to senator grassley's letter that he sent. however, that doesn't change the fact of the thorough investigation that was done over the years and again these are hard things for families to come to grips with and that is totally understandable. >> senator grassley has given the police officer and fbi until march 18 toth respond to his questions about the case. we'll keep you posted on any new developments. a study that links your risk of lung cancer with certain foods on your plate. researchers at the university of
6:41 pm
ate carbs with a high glycemic index have 49% higher risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer. those foods include white bread, rice and potatoes. and popcorn. smokers who ate the carbs had a 31% increased risk. more research is necessary to cause what might be behind that link. this year the nation marks the 225th anniversary of the bill of rights. the name given to the first ten amendments to the u.s. constitution. in honor of the occasion the national archives has a new exhibit highlighting the uniquely american story of how we have amended or in many cases attempted to amend the constitution. think about this. more than 11,000 amendments have been introduced in congress since 1789.
6:42 pm
ratified. the free exhibit opens friday at the national archives museum. given a second chance at life only to be murdered by someone he used to love. tonight reaction from the family of a victim as one of his killers is brought to justice. get ready for a winter warm up, folks. how it's already impaingct check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks. ♪ bada ba ba ba
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i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. . new developments tonight in the murder that rocked a local family and the community. jonathan harris was killed during a home invasion in montgomery county a few years ag
6:45 pm
recipient who had endured quite a bit. derrick ward was in court today as a suspect was convicted in that case. >> reporter: by age 26 you could say jonathan harris had experienced more hard luck and at the same time more good luck than most people. he had undergone two kidney transplants and open heart surgery. things were finally looking up, music and rapping were calling. >> and he did open mike around the d.c. baltimore area. >> reporter: that got him a following. also where he met samantha parker. they dated for a short time and broke up. prosecutors believe that ultimately would be a factor in harris' murder. in december of 2014 when deion and latoya morgan showed up at harris home. >> part of what fueled the attack on mr. harris was revenge by her for him having broken up with her. >> reporter: they say robbery was also a motive after harris'
6:46 pm
detectives searched deion's home found a game console registered to the victim and blood was found on deion's shoes. and deion used a credit card at a fast food drive threw. >> he pointed to samantha parker, mr. harris' old girlfriend and claims that she was the attacker. >> reporter: parker had died of brain cancer before she could stand trial. deion was convicted on first degree murder, robbery and conspiracy charges and face as possible life sentence. jonathan harris brother and mother are going on without him after the ordeal of finding his body and enduring the killer's trial. >> it's between most painful thing that i have ever experienced in my entire life. >> reporter: deion is due to be sentenced in mid-way, latoya morgan is due in court to be sentenced on friday. derrick ward, news4. a herndon middch
6:47 pm
student is being honored tonight for saving the lives of his family in january. roberto morales called 911 when everyone in his family began feeling sick. emergency responders discovered carbon dioxide was leaking into their apartment from the basement below. the mayor and herndon town sill will recognize him at tonight's meeting. this is what's left of the blizzard of 2016 at the rfk parking lot. if these near record temperatures don't melt it away d.c.'s department of public works will remove the snow by march 21st. tonight on news411, mark segraves takes a look how the piles of snow here are impacting some events and the anacostia river. that's nasty. >> it is nasty. warm temperatures just getting rid of the signs ever winter but they arso
6:48 pm
signs of spring. that of course includes the famous cherry blossoms which may now bloom weeks earlier than expected. you been down there? some are already out. shomari stone will tell us when you can expect to see the blooms in full. >> reporter: the cherry blossoms have a tremendous impact on the local community. the weather is so warm the national park service has bumped up its prediction for the cherry blossoms peak bloom dates. now it's march 18th through march 23rd. it was originally march 31st to april 3rd. now the cherry blossoms draw hundreds of thousands of people who come here. they go to the arrest rants, the hotels and a lot of them are happy that the tourists will be coming here. on the tidal basin i'm shomari stone. it's happening. >> that's because of the temperatures we've had just so much above average. it's really accelerated the blossoms. this is almost two weeks earlier now we're
6:49 pm
the earliest ever we've seen the peak bloom around the tidal basin was march 15th in 1990. again for tomorrow we're expecting 26 degrees above average. may like temperatures not just like march. the blossoms are so pretty. the other thing you get the allergy, the tree pollen that continues to climb as well. i think for tomorrow it's likely to be high for elm and cedar. 80 degrees is what we're forecast. 82 on thursday. that is record warmth. tying the record tomorrow. the old record setback in 1964, 78 the record on thursday. so we could shatter the record on thursday as far as what we get coming our way. again the tree pollen will continue to climb high. the count for tomorrow and the day after. the other thing we're talking about is springing forward this weekend. today at 6:09 with daylight savings time at 2:00 a.m.
6:50 pm
it will be going down. we lose that hour of sleep but later sunset. mild day tomorrow. dry. 48 to 53 when you step out the door with your cup of coffee. kids at the bus stop, long sleeves, push them up or a long jacket they can lose by the afternoon. sunglasses on. some of you may be hitting the links i showed you earlier the tennis court. a lot of folks will be hitting the links tomorrow. 80 degrees the high temperature. tough to stay inside. i wonder if i should make this a high impact day for tomorrow. chance of rain comes your way a little bit for the weekend saturday. bigger chance early part of next week. so it's kind of a no worry forecast guys this week. thanks. we got sports coming up next. did you stay up late enough to see the caps last nigh
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6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i went to the doctor this morning he said he was sleeping tight. i asked him why. he said he was up lat
6:54 pm
night watching the caps. i asked him if i should leave and come back another day. >> it wasn't over until 1:00 in the morning. >> here's the chink about the capitals. you're better off not watching the first two periods because they are going to get down and come back and get a win. don't watch the first two periods. if you didn't say up late last night to watch the capitals come back to beat the bucks you missed a thrilling hockey game. the caps got down early. this team doesn't lose its composure when it comes to playing tight games. they are 25-6-4. last night the capitals ended at 1:00 a.m. but no snooze fest. the caps franchise record was tied for wins, set that last season 41. still has 16 games left.
6:55 pm
shoot out. ridiculous 49 wins and 102 points for the caps so far. they are embracing all the challenges coming their way. >> two good teams battling it out. from my standpoint it was a good test for us because i don't know what we would have. getting cross country here. that's sort of been our team. >> these teams are good every year. and, you know, they are make being the playoffs especially going to l.a. it's those type of games that can prepare you for the playoffs. >> wizards out on the west coast. they will be without bradley beall. he hit the floor pretty hard suffering a pelvic injury. he was making his first start for the wizards in nearly a mo
6:56 pm
played in 41 games this season because of injury. wizards start that road trip tonight and take on the portland trail blazers that tips off at 10:00. moving on to baseball now. the nationals their ace max scherzer took the mound. top of the first, two on, two out for fister. freezes tyler moore. catches hip running. one run allowed and three innings of work for mr. fister. he matched scherzer. and jon singleton goes down swinging. two strikeouts in the game. one run allowed for the nats offense. jose having a great sprin
6:57 pm
one for two and two rbi for the back up catcher. nats take this one by final score of 4-2. warm weather also means spring football. new maryland head coach dj durkin had the terps on the field for the second time for practice. durkin will keep a close eye on the quarterback position. new coach knows his program has a long way to go but encouraged by the steps they've taken. >> we got better today than yesterday. that's our goal. continue to be better and improve. we just want to get these guys to understand the urgency and effort level that we're going to play with. so we got better today. our work outs got us closer. >> what's the over, under? >> we're on the clock. two more minutes and they are done. that's indicative of the start of spring.
6:58 pm
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